Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Just Kidding!"

So, remember when the newly formed dictatorship decided it would be a great idea to take everyone's land because it is rightfully everyone's and thus, the state should own it so that everyone could own it (confusing!)?

Well, they were just kidding because now they're giving it back. I guess it just took them 50 years to figure out that their system wasn't quite working.

We all heard Raul talk about the new land redistribution but little action had been taken.

The government has now approved 45,518 land grants. Most of these leases are being given to first-time and small family farmers.

While this is a positive step (as any freedom from the government, even economic freedom, is important), it is important to note that the agricultural sector has been specifically targeted for economic reform and the decentralization that it is experiencing (liberalizing the sale of farm equipment and other such changes) is unique.

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