Friday, December 12, 2008

Yoani Questions Mariela

Yesterday Yoani Sanchez posted about her encounter with Mariela Castro...Yoani posed Mariela a very interesting question, basically, will the campaign and struggle to accept people's sexual preferences pass to other aspects and will there be a campaign for tolerance of people's political and ideological opinions?

Mariela responded that she doesn't know because she doesn't work in that area and that she thinks she's doing the best she can in her capacity...whatever that means.

Below is the video of the encounter:

The fact that she would say that she isn't political and therefore can't respond to a political question is somewhat odd considering the interview she gave to El Pais saying that she believes that in 15 years, Cuba will be a Socialist Democracy with more participation and more maturity.

Could it be that she is a reformer when her father is acting as such and when he's not, she' not?

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