Friday, August 1, 2008

Vice Minister of Fisheries Arrested for Corruption

Yesterday, Cuba Net ( released an article by José A. Fornaris which stated that Cuba's Vice Minister of Fisheries has been arrested, suspected of corruption.

With all the corruption that takes place in Cuba, one has to wonder if there is something more to the arrest of Jesús Benjamín. It is possible that they want to make an example of him, God knows Raul has been harping on the subject of corruption. I wouldn't rule out the fact that maybe they just wanted him out, or maybe he wasn't playing by the political rules Raul wanted.

Benjamín was arrested by State Security Agents, not by the police. He is currently under house arrest as the investigation into the allegation continues.

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GeNeRaCiOn AsErE said...

Torquemada vive en Cuba, es posible como usted dice que se trate de un ajuste de cuentas ejemplarizante.

saludos, g.a.