Saturday, September 6, 2008

Declaration from Consenso Cubano about Hurricane Gustav

As we all know, Hurricane Gustav demolished many parts of Cuba. Cubans are in dire need of aid. Policies in place by both the US and Cuban governments make then sending and receiving of such aid difficult. In this light, Consenso Cubano has issued a declaration about what it has agreed should be done during these trying times.

Declaration of Consenso Cubano

Regarding the Present Humanitarian Emergency in Cuba
In relation to the disaster caused by Hurricane Gustav and the possibility this situation can get even worse during the present season, Consenso Cubano declares the following:

1) Consistent with the foundational Pillars of Consenso Cubano, we consider ourselves called upon to extend unconditional and generous solidarity to our sisters and brothers on the island, guided exclusively by a humanist and humanitarian spirit.

2) We call on Caritas, and other institutions that enjoy credibility before all parties, to assum the leadership in these works. We also call upon the rest to offer their support in obtaining the donations and to facilitate the deliveries and distribution. No one should attempt to politicize the aid.

3) Inspired by our Humanitarian Agenda for the Cuban Family, we identify ourselves with and wholly support the initiatives soliciting the President of the United States to lift, at least temporarily, all U.S. restrictions that could impede these humanitarian efforts and create difficulties for affected families to communicate and support one another.

4) We solicit the Cuban Government to lift, at least temporarily, all restrictions in place that could hinder or impede these humanitarian efforts and impose difficulties for affected families to communicate and support one another. We also ask that, in the same manner, they support the gestures of Caritas and other humanitarian organizations without reserve, accepting their disinterested donations, taking any other measures that further this solidarity among Cubans.

With the highest spirit of national unity, we exhort all sectors of the Cuban Diaspora to further these humanitarian gestures. We ask all Cubans, everywhere, along with all peoples of the world, to do the same.

September 2008
Miami, FL. United States

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